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Phase 1: "Charlie" Residence





from €156,000 to €255,000


Delivery: from summer 2021 onwards

95% sold

Arborescence, phase 1: “Charlie” Residence

Close to the centre of Soignies and the railway station, a new district will gradually come to life. Named “Arborescence”, the project favours a contemporary and understated style of architecture. It offers its inhabitants a green setting with all the facilities within easy reach. Phase 1, the “Charlie” residence, will be made up of 1 to 3 bedroom apartments with terraces, delivered fully fitted out with quality features (parquet floors, dedicated gas boilers and ventilation, etc.). Parking and cellars are available for an extra charge. Scheduled for delivery from summer 2021.


Dans le calme d’un clos verdoyant, proche de la gare et du centre. Adresse du projet: Chaussée du Roeulx, 50 à 7060 Soignies

The vision of the neighbourhood

Arborescence is an urban redevelopment project near the centre of Soignies. It will be made up of green spaces and a pedestrian square around which a few small apartment buildings and about ten houses will be built. Shops and other local services will also liven up this new living space, which is quiet and ideally located.

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The project’s show apartment is currently under construction. In the meantime, we can show you another apartment in a fairly similar area in Nivelles. This site will give you an accurate impression of our buildings. We are available to welcome you by appointment every day of the week.
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