Le Clos du Brigadier Oger - Aboreal




from €250,000 to €263,000


Delivery: early 2021

Le Clos du Brigadier Oger

New “turnkey” homes currently under construction, close to the centre of Morialmé (between Florennes and Gerpinnes). Set in a quiet residential area close to public transport, these terraced and semi-detached houses have between 3 and 5 bedrooms. 300-500 square metre plots. Fully fitted (heating, kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and double flow ventilation). Information: 010/42.01.42


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Agent immobilier IPI 503 077 Belgique | Nr. D’entreprise BE0474-176-976 | Autorité de surveillance: Institut professionnel des agents immobiliers, rue du Luxembourg 16 B, 1000 Bruxelle

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Real estate agent IPI 503 077 Belgium | Nr. BE0474-176-976 | Supervisory authority: Institut Professionnel des Agents Immobiliers, rue du Luxembourg 16 B, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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